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Comments:1301 - Hodson is a great professor, his dry sense of humor is wonderful. I am not going to say his class was hard because in all honesty if I would've studied and not cram and done the work I could've passed the class. Hodson also has a monotone voice so it was hard to stay awake in class. Also DO THE OWLV2 ahead of time, its a guaranteed A+ for a potential dropped test so just do it. The moment you start slacking off, it comes back and bites you in the butt so be aware. If you try to ask for an extension its hopeless he won't do anything so just do it when its assigned. Also if you go to his office hours he is very helpful and is down to earth. Honestly, if you put in the work you'll do great! Also if you are already good at chem then this class will be a breeze for you! I know people who never studied and literally aced the exams and didn't have to take the final because he replaces the OWLv2 with lowest test grade.  - Grade In Class:D

Date: 2019-01-18

Comments:1301/1302 - Coming from an upperclassmen: this class is not hard. If you think it is, get ready for a rude awakening sophomore and junior year. Hodson is a fantastic professor--just do his online tests and study his quick hit sheets to get A's on the exams.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2018-12-14

Comments:1302 - TAKE HIM. To be honest, all I have done in this class is going to SI (Sunny, the best SI at Baylor). Never read the book, never read the PPT, barely focus on the lecture and never do the practice assignment at the back at the book. This class is definitely right for LAAAAZY people like me  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2018-12-05

Comments:1302 - Honestly, I do not understand how everyone loves Dr. H sure he is super funny and entertaining but his class is HARD he is the only prof I know of that puts short answers on his test and makes them worth so many points and requires a written explanation. Also, he puts a lot of tricky questions on his test to see if he can fool you. He will help but not without telling you how easy the class is and how he gives you everything you need first. Do not take this class if you have not taken chemistry before it'll just confuse you. I have not passed a single test the only thing saving me is the homework, not to mention that each assignment takes several hours. If you are new to chem and take dr. H well, good luck Charlie.  - Grade In Class:D

Date: 2018-11-26

Comments:CHE 3331/3332 - Dr. Hodson is an excellent professor who teaches the difficult subject of organic chemistry in a comprehendible, retainable manner. If you're looking for an easy A, then I would suggest taking another professor. However, Hodson gives plenty of opportunities to succeed in his class. Your grade is composed of sapling homework assignments (which have such a high tolerance for error that it's very difficult not to have at least a high A if you actually study), 3 tests, and one non-cumulative final. The tests are composed of several multiple choice questions and 3-4 free response questions, and if you don't do well on one of his tests, the final can replace your worst midterm by being counted twice. Pay close attention to his online examples, come to class regularly, and be sure to draw out everything when completing a mechanism. Academic stuff aside, Hodson has a great sense of humor, and he keeps the lectures interesting and palatable. 10/10 would take again  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2018-05-10

Comments:1302 - Hodson is a great professor. His British accent def kept me awake- v interesting to listen to. The dude intrigues me- he always looks extrememly put together and has amazing handwriting. Also, he carries all his papers arounnd in a cardboard box that he has had for 10 years and has used the same sticky notes to label his tests forms for a very long time. Easy A if you study in class examples and the example problems he puts on canvas before each test. Try to do well on the first 3 tests, because for the final, you take 2 exams. One covers the last 2 chapters of new material, while the other one is cumulative. If you do well on the first 3 tests, then you only need to study for one of these finals (as he drops one of your tests grades and replaces it with your OWLv2 grade). You will most likely have an A for your OWLv2 grade as it is graded based on completion.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2018-05-10

Comments:1302 - Dr. Hodson has a very dry sense of humor. He also seems quite snobby at times. The class is hard by itself but I think Hodson does a good job of explaining the material and preparing you for tests (he gives you a quick hits sheets which is what T/F questions of the exam will come from, he gives in class examples, and he posts example exam problems on canvas with the answers as well). You definitely have to study to do well in this class. There are 3 class exams and 2 final exams in which 1 will be dropped of the 5. Also OWL homework is its own test grade but that cannot be dropped. The tests are curved if the average is lower than a 77. Also, you want to do good on the class exams so you can drop one part of the final and only have to study either the new material or the cumulative information and not both! Apparently he's really nice if you go to his office hours but I never did oops.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2018-05-08

Comments:1302 - To be honest, I struggled a great deal in this class. Chem is very hard for me and I would study for 2 weeks to make a 77 on an exam. The main issue I have with this class, however, is Dr. H. At first he seems nice and funny, but he is really sarcastic and belittles people for asking questions. I once went to him for help with a chem 2 problem and he berated me for asking about something so 'chem 1'. He is always offering help but when you do talk to him he's rude without meaning to be. Still, I do think he does a good job explaining material and his tests are quite fair. I only wish I had put more work in and not bombed the first two exams as I might have made an A. It just seemed as if chem came easily to everyone but me! I studied constantly for this class and barely made a B. Please, start studying now if you're reading this!  - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2018-04-25

Comments:CHE 1302 - TAKE HIM! Dr. Hodson wants to see his students pass and do well in Intro to Chem. It may seems as though this is a weed out class; but if you apply yourself, go to class, and find an interest in the material you will do very well!  - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2018-04-12

Comments:CHE1301 - This class isn't an easy A but I would not say that is because Dr. Hodson is a bad teacher. It is really hard to stay awake and focus in his class due to its large volume of students and his extremely monotone voice. If you do his practice tests on canvas, you should do well on his exams. His OWLv2 though- oh man, DO NOT wait until the last minute. I logged around 80 hours on OWLv2 and still failed it miserably. You can get an A or B if you work hard in this class, and Dr. Hodson is a good guy (do not confuse good guy with lenient- he is pretty stern on grading and deadlines).  - Grade In Class:D

Date: 2017-12-19

Comments:CHE 1301 - Dr. Hodson is a good professor. His lectures can be boring at times, but the extra practice problems on Canvas and in class examples are very helpful when it comes to the tests. The tests include T/F, multiple choice and free response. The true/false can be difficult, but if you read the powerpoints and know all of the information you should not miss any.. he also gives out quick hit sheets over each chapter.. I would recommend making flashcards over the powerpoints. Make sure to do the OWLV2 homework assignments.. the score replaces your lowest test grade and it's just completion. Make sure to read Dr. Hodson's messages he sends on Canvas because Canvas does not tell you homework due dates.. make sure not to miss an assignment like I did!! If you study and put the effort in, you will be fine!  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2017-12-14

Comments:CHE 1301/1302 - Dr. Hodson is really entertaining in an amusing and quirky way, which makes his lectures pretty enjoyable. The only homework assignments are OWL, which are pretty long and tedious but are graded off of completion. He gives 5 tests (the final contains 2 tests, so really only take tests 4 times) and drops the lowest one. He also gives out really helpful practice problems and study sheets. I never had to go to SI because his practice sheets were so much better. The T/F questions are from summary sheets he gives you in class, multiple choice are from online examples, and free response are from in-class examples. You will need to study all of these for each chapter if you want an A, but overall it is not too difficult of a class.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2018-05-03

Comments:gen chem 2 - LOVE Dr. Hodson! He truly cares for your success and wants you to learn. He is a sweet and funny guy. He sometimes shows videos of his adorable children and will let you out of class early occasionally. I got a C in gen chem 1 with Hassell and the difference was night and day with Hodson. He bumps up grades and drops a test basically. The SI is helpful as well!  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2017-08-21

Comments:3331 - I had Dr. Hodson for ochem 1. I recommend him he was great! I took him over the summer and it was a lot of studying, but it was very doable. Some problems on his tests can be tricky, but if you know and understand his practice problems back well, the tests are a breeze. They are usually about 12-15 super easy multiple choice and then about 3 free response and he gives lots of partial credit. Make sure you read over his class notes before tests for conceptual stuff because he puts a few questions about it on the test. He is awesome!  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2017-08-07

Comments:1301 - He's a solid professor. You'll take 5 tests and he'll drop the lowest test grade and replace that with mastering chemistry. Your grade's made up of tests and mastering chemistry. There's no extra credit or quizzes! The tricky thing about his tests are the t/f questions which make up about a third of the test. The MC section is like the practice questions he gives, and those can be easy to miss too. He's a busy guy because he teaches a bunch of classes, so I always had to make an appointment to see him if I needed help  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2017-05-31

Comments:1302 - This class is difficult, but not if you put in the work to study! Hodson is kind of monotonous and it's hard to pay attention in class, but to be able to get the material and examples you need to focus. His tests consist of true/false, multiple choice, and 2 free response. I messed up on the first exam so I had to do well on the next 2 exams and 2 final exams. If you study his quick hits, in class examples, and example exam problems you will do fine. Also, he drops one of your lowest exams. He evenly spreads out the mastering chemistry which is nice and you can get over a 100% on it as well. Overall, not a bad class, but not easy either.  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2017-05-10

Comments:1301 - Dr. Hodson's class was not hard at all. His lectures were interesting, partly because of his accent. He assigned Mastering but it was not too much at all. The tests could be hard but if you follow the quick hints sheets he gives out and know how to work out his examples you won't have an issue. The tests were 3 parts: true/false, multiple choice, short answer. The final was 2 parts; the cumulative portion came straight from old exams that were posted on canvas. Dr. Hodson is a great professor.  - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2017-04-25

Comments:1302 - Chem is hard not gonna lie, but he is so helpful and funny! Take him!!!  - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2017-04-14

Comments:1301 - Professor Hudson is an amazing professor who is available when needed and is very knowledgable of the material and teaches it so we understand it. I have seen work from other professors for CHE 1301 and I've noticed that Hodson is definitely the easiest teacher. However, I do feel like I have gotten a lot out of it.  - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2016-11-18

Comments:3331 - Hodson is a truly excellent teacher for organic chemistry. He goes at a reasonable pace, and never tries to scare you with what can be pretty daunting material. He puts practice problems on canvas that can be really difficult, but prepare you well for his tests. Sometimes he even copy pastes these questions into his tests. Though he is an excellent teacher, there is no way to do well in this class other than studying every day. If you study right, his tests won't be bad at all. He never tries to trick you or come at you with some tiny detail, he aims for big concepts, and "you know it or you don't" type stuff. Overall, I enjoyed his class and found exams to be really fair.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2016-08-17

Comments:CHE 3332 - Dr. H is an awesome professor! He spends a lot of time putting together resources and practice problems for students, which really helped me a lot. If you want a good amount of practice problems, lecture resources, and are ready to study hard (because its o chem and you have to no matter who you take), then you will be good to go! I really enjoyed taking Dr. H for CHE 3331 and CHE 3332 and really grew to like o chem!  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2016-05-09

Comments:CHE 3332 - This is my third time reviewing Dr. Hodson, for consistency's sake. He's great, and though OChem II is genuinely difficult, he will help you along nicely. There are three class exams, the ACS final and a homework portion that make up your grade. His powerpoints are easy to follow and come from the textbook of glorious Dr. Wade. Hodson is helpful in office hours, kind and friendly in general and although he's been busy and tired with a newborn son and lots of chores and intro chem classes he still is a great lecturer (he also won the Collin's award for best lecturer). The course IS HARD, and chapters 19-22 are simply nightmarish for the uninitiated (so, most students). But you CAN DO it, and you SHOULD take Dr. Hodson if you like a fair, highly organized class.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2016-05-06

Comments:1301/1302/3331 - 1301 and 1302 were very easy A's for me. Looking back, it is most likely not because Hodson is a fantastic teacher, but that I had taken AP chem in highschool. Seeing as how I put little to no effort in those 2 classes I decided to take him for Ochem. That was a mistake. His teacher style COMPLETELY differs, and he has a way of overexplaining concepts. Never bothered me in gen-chem, mainly because I never listened anyway. However, in ochem where the material is completely new, I often times was lost and confused. Didn't help that I never went to office hours or bothered cracking open the book. I'm sure if I kept along with my reading, his class wouldn't have seemed too bad. Ended up with a B in the class (which was better than I deserved).  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2016-04-16

Comments:1301 - Dr. Hodson makes this gen chem class pretty easy. I took AP chemistry and it wasn't nearly as easy as this course was. Dr. Hodson is very methodical. He does class notes from a powerpoint and in class examples during lectures. He assigns mastering chemistry, so don't forget to do those. He also gives out "Quick hits" which are like summaries for each chapter. The canvas examples are what you should study the most for tests, as the questions are very similar to test questions. The final exam was very easy. The one bad thing I have to say, is that class time can be rather boring. His voice, while British, is somewhat monotone and can make the class seem really long. However, I do recommend him for chemistry.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2015-12-22

Comments:1301 - TAKE HIM FOR CHEMISTRY. He is hands down the best professor I had for the semester. His tests are simple and curved and as long as you go to class you will be fine.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2015-12-14

Comments:1302 - I love Dr. Hodson, and he is one of the more well-rounded lecturers here at Baylor. I have taken him for both 1301 and 1302, and do not regret my decision whatsoever. He is great in class, interacting with students, making good time covering all the material and explaining concepts very clearly. In terms of study material, he hands out a "quick-hits" study guide for each chapter along with a problem packet which he goes over in class, and posts his slideshows and extra problems online. In office hours, he is super friendly and eager to help, provided you show interest and come prepared (though he does enjoy an aimless chat from time to time). The only catch is that his tests are pretty challenging, and the average is usually a low C, but they can be prepared for. I would highly recommend Hodson for either chemistry course as he will both adequately prepare you and help you in chemistry.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2015-05-07

Comments:1302 - Dr. Hodson is great and has so many supplements for each chapter. Requires quite a bit of studying on your own because he talks about each topic pretty briefly but he tells you all you need to know. Take him for sure.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2015-04-15

Comments:1301/1302 - Hodson is very methodical. In class, he is monotonous and it can be hard to pay attention. But he gives you everything you need to get at least a B on his tests. In-class and online examples are perfect reviews, along with his Student Objectives and Quick-Hits sheets. His tests are okay and he curves occasionally. He is kind of impersonal, but will help you if you need it. Take him.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2015-03-02

Comments:1301 - Dr. Hodson is a great professor and lecturer, and it was a delight to be taught by him. He hails from the UK and it's probably the first thing you'll notice about him - his accent sounds like sweet honey being sifted through with a golden spoon. His powerpoints are comprehensive and cover a lot of ground and he makes a clear effort to teach the subject material as well as get you interested in the subject. You can make use of the ppts, worksheets, summary sheets and masteringchemistry work to do well, and the tests are difficult, but not impossible. The only negative I can think to say about Dr. H is that he is rather impersonal - he isn't the most friendly one-on-one and can seem indifferent, but he is helpful nonetheless. Worth taking for sure, and I'm lined up to take him for Chemistry 1302 next semester.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2014-12-03

Comments:CHE 1301 - Dr. Hodson is fantastic. This is my second time to take CHE 1301 (I had Gipson before - avoid him!) and my experience is 10x better this time. Hodson makes jokes and makes class entertaining. He gives Mastering Chem assignments rarely, and when he does they are short and helpful (vs other professors who assign mastering chemistry's with 40+ questions). He does a good job preparing you for the test and provided us with a "quick hits" sheet and encourages you to look over that instead of spending hours reading the textbook. He does a lot of in class examples and posts reviews online to help you prepare for the exams. If you have the choice, I would definitely take Dr. Hodson.  - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2014-11-17

Comments:1301/1302 - I wouldn't recommend taking him for chem 2. During class he is monotone. On test he takes off for EVERY little thing. Very sweet guy, he is somewhat helpful in office hours. He will tell you to only study blackboard questions, quick hints, and in class stuff, which I did but still managed not to do so well.  - Grade In Class:C

Date: 2014-05-13

Comments:1301 - Such a good professor. His accent makes his lectures engaging. I never fell asleep, never missed class. His tests are very fair-- if you study and work through the practice exam questions he posts on Blackboard, you do fine. I probably studied 1-2 nights before the exams, and got an A on all of them. The final is 2 parts-- one covers the material between the last test and the final, one part is comprehensive, made up of all the practice problems we did throughout the semester. Easy mastering Chem, basically a completion grade. Quizzes whenever we don't have a mastering assignment. He said on the first day that he felt that he taught comprehensively enough that we wouldn't need a textbook-- he was correct. I only used it to look up extra practice problems. Take him if you can.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2014-05-08

Comments:CHE 1301 - Dr Hodson is the bomb! His British accent and intermittent jokes make it a lot easier to focus on what he's teaching us. He also had some great visual illustrations of chemical mechanisms over the course of the semester. We had virtually no homework, about four or five quizzes, and three tests and a two-part final (the lowest test grade gets dropped). Granted, I had a fantastic high school chemistry teacher and got a 5 on the AP Chem exam, so this class was not a struggle for me. For those without a solid background in chemistry, studying his quickhits and completing the problems online from old exams will help you tremendously. For those who know what they're doing, this class is a breeze. I'll be taking Hodson again for 1302, and I'm looking forward to another semester with such a great professor!  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2013-12-25

Comments:1301 - Dr. Hodson is awesome. I took Honors Chemistry in high school and my teacher there was awesome and that is why this class is not too bad for me. His test questions are literally from the example problems he hands out in class and the one's he posts prior to the tests. Study those and how to do them as well as some definitions and you will do perfectly fine in his class. I will say the quizzes he assigns are quite difficult. That is the hardest part of the class.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2013-12-04

Comments:CHEM 1301 - Hodson isn't a bad teacher he just has no predictability when it comes to tests. It can either be really hard or really easy. Overall not a bad teacher. Teaches directly from his handouts and you literally take ZERO notes in his class.  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2013-11-21

Comments:1301 - Dr. Hodson was able to make Chemistry, a subject I have very little interest in, fairly interesting. He is very funny, with a very dry, British sense of humor that at the very least helps you stay awake in class. He provides many handouts with examples on them, and he is obviously very intelligent and cares a lot about the subject he teaches. His tests are tough but fair (you get out what you put in), and he has periodic quizzes that, if you know the material, shouldn't be a problem. Overall, he is a great teacher who I would highly recommend. Also, you don't need the book for his class, but I would still recommend having it for extra instruction if you are confused on a subject.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2013-11-12

Comments:Chem 1301 - I loved this class. I learned so much and Dr. Hodson is a very helpful professor.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2013-06-02

Comments:1301/1302 - Dr. Hodson is an outstanding professor. But, if you do not have a good background in chemistry, be prepared to do a lot of work. I did not have that good background, so I was stuck tearing my hair out..but it was all worth it in the end. He gives you a lot of material to work with and to study, so take advantage of it. Listen and take notes in class. Go to his office hours. Study a week in advance for his tests. This is NOT an easy class. Be prepared to get focused and stay motivated.  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2013-04-08

Comments:1301 - Dr. Hodson is seriously the best chemistry teacher I've ever had. I had a terrible chemistry teacher in high school and barely passed the AP test, but he made this class so easy. The Mastering is light, so do it, and when he uploads the 6-8 question reviews with answers, read the answers. The test will have almost the exact same questions on it. When he hands out quickhits sheets, save them for the night before the test, read them carefully and you'll be fine. I had an A on every test in his class, without ever opening the textbook! If ever you're not sure about something, he's really quite funny to talk to. And he loves boron. Like, LOVES BORON. Just a tip.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2013-01-14

Comments:Chem 1301 - I did NOT think Dr. Hodson was an EASY professor as most people said. I never took AP chem in highschool so I had no background when taking chemistry. Quizzes at the end of every chapter he finishes lecturing. 3 test (lowest one gets dropped) and final. Dr. Hodson is helpful and puts example problems on blackboard. BUT The test were very difficult and tricky. I studied alot for the tests and seem to never do well, I read the book, did all the online problems and yet I never knew what to do on the test. But he really does try to help you when you go in for office hours. I would recommend this teacher only if you have a background in chemistry.  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2013-01-13

Comments:CHEM 1301 - Dr. Hodson is great professor. He is always willing to help his students and consistently manages to get chuckles out of us. He drops one test which helps loads and they are straight forward. His quizzes are easy and comes straight of the quickhits (which become your best friends in the course). Overall, take him if he is available, if not, I've heard Hassell is very similar. There best friends and have the same awesome accent. Good luck!  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2013-01-01

Comments:CHE 1301 - Dr. Hodson is very passionate about chemistry and works very hard to communicate complex theories and ideas to the students. If you attend lecture and go to SI when you're having trouble, getting an A is not far-fetched. If you took an advanced chemistry I course in high school (AP, IB, etc.), this course is an easy A. You learn a lot in this class.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2012-12-21

Comments:1301 - Okay, I'm going to be as honest and straightforward as possible. Hodson is a great professor. He has an obvious passion for Chemistry and throws in a few jokes every now and then. Practically everyone says he is the best Chem professor. That being said, he is NOT easy. Regardless of who you take, Chem will not be an easy A unless you already know the material thoroughly. Not gonna lie, Hodson does a lot to help his students out. I know I could've gotten an A. The reason I didn't is because I was lazy, forgot to do the MasteringChem, and only studied two nights before the test. DO NOT SLACK OFF. Study the powerpoints, quickhits sheets and DEFINITELY the example problems he posts on Blackboard. Sometimes he just rewords the questions on his exams. His exams are NOT easy. You will have to work to get an A, but if you really care, it'll be possible. Don't complain if you're like me who didn't even try because honestly, Hodson lays it all out for you to ace his class. I only went once to go over my test during his office hours and he wasn't rude per say, but he definitely wasn't the nicest person there is. Don't be afraid to talk to him though because come finals, you're gonna wish you went over your exams with him.  - Grade In Class:C

Date: 2012-12-13

Comments:CHE 1301 - Doc Hodson is a great chemistry teacher. He takes the complex concepts in chemistry and makes them more than manageable for our class. I got a B in the class because I was stupid and didn't do all the Mastering Chemistry assignments and didn't put in the effort I should have, definitely not Hodson's fault. Highly recommend, excellent teacher. Try to get a smaller section that he teaches if you can, helps with any Chem class though.  - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2012-12-11

Comments:1301 - Dr. Hodson is a great teacher! He does a great job helping students understand the material and really cares about Chemistry. You do not need to buy the book and he tests right out of his notes.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2012-12-05

Comments:1301 - Dr. Hodson is SUPER nice and a really good prof. I wish I had gone to see him in his office hour more often because he really helped me out. However, he drinks a lot of energy drinks (and tea, I think) which made his breath smell bad when I got near him. Other than that, his class is really interesting and his accent makes it either easy to fall asleep or makes the class more interesting (just depending on your fascination with British/Scottish people). The homework is very easy and short. He used mastering chem when I took him and they were never over 6 pages long- much better than when I took 1300 as a nursing major and had like 30 pages per chapter. We never really used the book in this class either because he makes all of his own notes and hands them out during class to fill in with the lecture. The tests were a bit hard occasionally, but a good evaluation of how well you apply what he's taught. They are about half MC and half short answer-type questions. During the final, we did two tests: one of the last bit of material and the second an actual final. The final was made from only old test questions, but he doesn't hand back the old tests and quizzes, so I'd recommend going to see him to look back over the tests and writing down what you remember after getting out of each test.  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2012-11-08

Comments:1301 - Dr. Hodson is really helpful and entertaining. He is probably the easiest chemistry professor you can take. I dislike chemistry, but I enjoyed taking him for this class. He gives quizzes for every chapter and reviews for these quizzes. Make sure you do well on them because they can really help your grade. The only reason I didn't get an A is because I was lazy and basically did nothing in this class.  - Grade In Class:C+

Date: 2012-07-02

Comments:CHE 1302 - ATTENTION FRESHMEN: Take Hodson for chemistry! His teaching is exceptional because he goes slowly and thoroughly. If you don't like chemistry, he slows it all down for you. And if you love chemistry, he inspires you more! His British accent adds to his awesomeness too!! The tests are VERY straight-forward, and you don't have to worry about strange questions which can happen in chemistry... He and McGrath are very similar, and are best friends! Hodson also rock climbs and is a beast!! But I digress... Anyways, the class is simple if you have had AP chemistry, doable if you haven't, and especially enjoyable if you like science. Don't take Hassell if you want to learn anything... Take Hodson!!! I'm not kidding or exaggerating!  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2012-05-10

Comments:1301 & 1302 - If this was soley based on teaching ability, Dr. Hodson would have a 100 without a doubt. He is such a good teacher. Maybe the best I've had in my entire life. He is such a good lecturer and does everything he can to make sure you learn the material. In addition to that, he goes above and beyond, giving countless worksheets and sample problems that help you understand all the more. On a personal level, I didn't find him that friendly, though. Everytime I talked to him he just kind of sounded like he was trying to get the conversation over as quickly as possible. I even went in once to get help and he seemed like it was a huge inconvenience. But maybe he was just busy. All in all, that didnt't make much of a difference. He is a great teacher and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who has to take Chemistry.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2012-05-09

Comments:CHE 1301 - Dr. Hodson is an exceptional teacher. What strikes me most is just how prepared he is; he obviously puts a LOT of effort into his PowerPoints and handouts. Rather than just reading off the screen, he actually uses PowerPoint to add useful visual explanation, and intersperses it with lots of live demonstrations of how to work test problems. Everything is fantastically clear and concise. Plus, he puts lots of lecture notes, slides, summary sheets, and solutions up on Blackboard, so there's plenty of material to study from. That said, this IS chemistry, so you WILL have to study. Still, a great professor.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2012-04-27

Comments:CHE 1301 - First of all, I have to say that I already had credit for this class from AP credit and I am a chemistry major, so I might be biased. I really enjoyed this class. He was pretty clear when lecturing, and he tried to add jokes and things to keep us interested, although it was easy to get distracted or fall asleep. His class was extremely easy for me, but this was probably partially because of my chemistry background. There was virtually no homework except a few (less tha five) online Mastering Chemistry assignments, which were easy 100s (sometimes more). Quizzes were pretty straight forward, nothing weird that you wouldn't have seen before. After he finishes a chapter, he will give the class "quickhits sheets" covering the things you'll need to know for the test, and he posts practice problems. If you know the quickhit sheets and now to do the practice problems, the tests, which are mostly multiple choice with a few free-response, are pretty easy to get an A on. Overall, I really loved Dr. Hodson and would highly recommend him.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2012-01-10

Comments:1301 - To start off, I hate chemistry a lot, I took it in high school and did awful at it. However, I learned a lot from Dr. Hodson. He gives out practice problems for each section, however the problems on the test aren't anything like the practice problems which was frustrating. However, compared to all my friends, he was the BEST possible Chemistry teacher. He doesn't offer any extra credit what-so-ever, but he does drop your lowest test grade (which was nice). He reads directly off of powerpoints, and he has a nice british accent that can put you to sleep very easily.  - Grade In Class:C+

Date: 2011-12-21

Comments:Che 1301 - Very Easy class. four tests worth 20% each with the lowest grade dropped. Mastering Chemistry/quizzes worth 20% and a final also worth 20%. Quizzes are the only difficult part of this class. Before each test Hodson will provide a quick hits sheet and sample problems from past tests... Just study these two and you will do great! Although I purchased the book, I didn't use it at all, so I wouldn't spend the money to buy it. Overall this class is very easy and shouldn't be a challenge to anyone who is willing to spend some time to review before each test. This Chemistry course is very easy regardless of which professor you have, but with Hodson it is ridiculously easy but his epic accent makes him very interesting to listen to. Best of luck in his class!  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2011-12-19

Comments:1301 - Dr. Hodson is pretty much the best Chem teacher you can possibly take at Baylor. He teaches with the typical Powerpoint presentation style, but his powerpoints are unique in that if you go to class regularly and pay attention to what he says, that is pretty much ALL you need to study. Besides, he gives Quickhits sheets (quick summaries of each chapter) at the end of each chapter and plenty of example problems, inside and outside of class. I only found myself reading the book when I missed class or when I needed to look at more examples. His MasteringChem assignments are generally easy, and his quizzes aren't all that bad. His tests consist of around 24-25 multiple choice questions and a few free-response questions at the end which relate to the example problems he does in class. I've had pretty much no background in chem before taking him. He's awesome!!! Take him if you are looking for a challenging, AND understandable professor. If you are premed, there's no point in taking an "easy A" chem prof anyways. It's better to challenge yourself and make sure you know the material well because you have to know it anyways for the MCAT.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2011-12-03

Comments:CHE 1301 - It really helped having taken Chemistry for two years with an amazing teacher prior to taking this course. Had I not done that, I doubt I'd have made an A. The guy is VERY nice, even though he rarely sleeps due to an insane schedule and little girl who always keeps him up. This also makes him VERY hard to get ahold of. No strolling into his office when it's convenient, you HAVE to make an appointment several days prior and stick to that time. His lectures are pretty interesting, although honestly that soft central England accent combined with the lights dimmed, it may be difficult to not fall asleep. He goes off of VERY lengthy powerpoints, and has scheduled quizzes over each chapter, usually 8 questions each. He has quick hits sheets for each chapter, but I almost never got all 8 right. His tests are NOT easy and require a very good mastery of all he's gone over. He posts questions from old tests, but the ones you'll take usually aren't very similar honestly. Luckily you can get a few points from Masteringchemistry, usually just 8 questions. A real saving grace is his final; half of it was chapter 9-12, the other half cumulative, 1-9. Those were ENTIRELY from old tests online- i got a perfect score on that one. If you pay attention and go to SI, you will learn A LOT, but if you're looking for an easier A, take Alton Hassell.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2011-03-10

Comments:1301 - I loved him. The tests are hard, though. But other than that, take him  - Grade In Class:D

Date: 2010-12-16

Comments:1301 - Hodson is a good teacher. I learned a lot. BUT I learned a lot more in high school chemistry, and his tests didn't reflect the class well especially the math. I'm really good at chemistry I got an A in chem 2 easy. But Hodson's tests were weird and confusing. I studied the most for this class (about 3 hours a day) and I was constantly stressed because I just didn't understand the tests!  - Grade In Class:C+

Date: 2010-11-21

Comments:1301 - I was so blessed to get Hodson for chemistry! I have never had a science professor that could explain stuff so well. Ever. That being said, the tests are a lot harder than the class. You really have to know the example problems backward and forward but he's always willing to help if you're really having trouble. Go see him after a bad test grade and you'll be ready for the next one.  - Grade In Class:C+

Date: 2010-11-20

Comments:1301 - The absolute best. The guy is awesome. His teaching ability is incredible. Even with the uninteresting material he has to teach, he presents in an easily understandable way. Even without that extensive of a Chemistry background Hodson makes the material so easy to learn. Take him!!! The only warning is that he has an extremely soothing voice and sometimes you may find yourself using his voice as background music as you surf the net. But overall he is great. He gives every opportunity for students to do well. His office is always open. A plus is he gives "quick hit sheets" at the end of each chapter to help you prepare for the quizzes and they are very similar to the test. Do yourself a favor and take him.   - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2010-11-19

Comments:1301 - Hodson was one of the best science teachers i've had at Baylor. He cares about chemistry and his students, i had him for chem 1 and wish i took it more seriously, because if youre like me and not the smartest kid in the world then Hodson gives you the best chance to make an A. He stays after class to answer questions, and his office is always open to students. His quizes aren't hard at all because he hands out a "quick hits" sheet which has all the stuff you really need to know. His tests are easier than the rest of the departments tests. You really dont have to read the book, but it wouldnt hurt. before the tests do all the practice problems from the book that wil really prepare you will apart from studying the notes, so be sure to purchase the solutions manual that goes along with the book...thats my advice for any baylor science class though..BUY SOLUTIONS MANUALS....oh i forgot to mention Hodson has this real soothing voice, and is a real calm guy, so drink coffee before class.  - Grade In Class:C+

Date: 2010-08-30

Comments:1301 - Dr. Hodson is a really nice professor. He is always open to helping students and he doesn't assign alot of homework just a few online Mastering Chemistry Assignments which you get a week to do. A total of 4 exams including the final. Probably one of the best chemistry teachers at Baylor, he just happens to teach a hard subject, but I definitely recommend him.   - Grade In Class:C+

Date: 2010-04-27

Comments:1300/1301 - Real easy professor! TAKE HIM!!!  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2010-04-25

Comments:CHE 1300 - Funny professor with a sweet accent! Chemistry does not come easy for me, but he made it easy. Tests weren't too bad. Go to class, learn how to do the problems, know your vocab, and you'll be golden...and that's coming from a NON-science person!  - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2010-01-24

Comments:1301 - Mr. Hodson is a fantastic teacher! He knows what he's talking about and he teaches in a way that is easy to understand. He seems like a little kid at heart, he often used kittens and hot tea- two of his favorite things- as examples, but it makes the lectures enjoyable rather than dry and boring. The only homework ever assigned was online, mastering chemistry. He gives quizzes almost every chapter, so make sure you keep up in class. The tests are pretty easy, but the final is half new material, half cumulative. so make sure you stay on top of the material taught throughout the whole semester. I would definitely take him again. P.S. ladies, he has a scottish/british accent. its fantastic.   - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2010-01-14

Comments:1301 - awesome professor. he is available and willing to talk to you about anything you dont understand, even if it's simple or straightforward. he tells you when theres a quiz and gives quick hits sheets which rock! if you look over the practice problems he puts on blackboard and make sure you know everything on the quick hits, you're sure to do great.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2010-01-12

Comments:1301 - Dr. Hodson is an awesome chemistry professor! He is very knowledgeable and loves to help others grasp the sometimes tricky concepts! He has amazing powerpoints and always hands out QUICKHIT sheets the summarize main topics in the chapters. He also posts example problems on Blackboard. He almost always gives a quiz at the end of a chapter, and the only assigned homework is MasteringChemistry(he gives you plenty of time to get it done)! His tests are a very fair assessment of your knowledge of the material! He is so GREAT and I would definitely recommend him to anyone taking Chemistry here at Baylor!  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2009-12-16

Comments:1301 - Professor Hodson is easily the idea Chemistry teacher. He teaches quite well, and posts all of his lectures online. He has quick hits for each chapter(which is basically a one page summary) which are extremely useful. His quizzes are purely conceptual, and his tests aren't very hard as long as you look at the powerpoints and quick hits. The only homework you are gonna get is MasteringChemistry, which is an easy 100. He is very helpful and understanding, and will give you extensions on your masteringchemistry if you have a valid reason, and will also allow you to make up quizzes. He is an extremely nice guy, but his lectures can tend to be a bit boring. He is easy to talk to, and easy to get along with. Definitely get him if you can.   - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2009-12-16

Comments:1301 - Hodson is probably your best option for chemistry. He's not perfect, but he's ten times better than most of the other chem professors around. Hodson is an incredibly nice guy, and really cares that everyone keeps up in class. His lectures are very understandable, but can get a little boring, especially in a 75-minute class. So if you get the chance, take him MWF...if not, still take him.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2009-12-12

Comments:1300 & 1301 - Hodson is amazing! He is by far the best chemistry prof I've encountered at Baylor (I'm now in my fifth chem class, so I've met a lot of the profs). He always makes absolutely sure that everyone in the class is able to keep up. He's really sweet and helpful and always available for extra help if you need it. Hodson's also very understanding and just a super nice guy in general. Trust me, if you're like me and you need some major help in chem to get you ready for all of the upper-level courses you've got to take on the pre-med track, Hodson's class is the best way to go. Not only does chemistry make a lot more sense to me now, but after taking this class I've actually started to really enjoy this subject!  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2009-10-14

Comments:1300 - He's really a good teacher and really cares about his students. The quizzes are really easy and really boost your grade, and if you know what's going on in class the tests are relatively easy as well. He even lets you re-take an entire unit test if you messed up really badly on one. However, do NOT take him at 8am! That was my mistake. His accent is very cool, yes, but at 8am it is also very soothing and it is very easy to fall asleep to the sound of his voice. Take him, yes, but don't take him at 8am.   - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2009-02-18

Comments:1300 - What a great teacher. I took this class as a freshman and Dr. Hodson made my first semester great. His lectures can be boring at times but it's only because its such a large class. He truly cares about each individual student and if you try and talk to him he will establish a relationship with you. TAKE HIM IN ANY CLASS  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2009-01-07

Comments:1300 - He is an amazing teacher, it is sometimes tough to pay attention in lecture though because his Scottish accent can put you to sleep. He is a very nice gentleman who is always willing to help out his students. Tests weren't too bad, you should still study even if you've taken basic high school chem before. TAKE HIM!!  - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2008-12-25

Comments:CHE1300 - Dr. Hodson is an extremely affective teacher. He is very organized and always willing to take time to help. He encourages coming in to see him if you would like extra help or to discuss a test. He provides all of his powerpoints on Blackboard, and he gives practice problems (that are very similar to his test questions) on Blackboard as well. He also makes difficult concepts make sense by using great examples and easy to understand language.  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2008-11-15

Comments:1302 - I loved this professor! He gives you tons of helpful materials to use, the book wasn't even necessary because he was soo helpful. I agree with all the other comments about him, he's funny and very patient. I even shared some of the example problems and notes with friends who had other professors for the same class. Take him, he teaches chemistry so that you can grasp it well.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2008-08-15

Comments:CHE1300 - He's great! His accent keeps the lectures interesting and he is really great at explaining things; if you don't understand, he WILL help you out. The reviews he gives out really prepare you for the test.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2008-04-30

Comments:1300 - Dr. Hodson is the best chemistry teacher I have ever encountered. Fall 2007 was his first year teaching at Baylor and thats when I had him for Introductory to Chemistry 1300. He teaches everything from scratch in a clear, concise manner, emphasizing everything with models and various examples. Theres a vocabulary quiz every week that is relatively easy (he gives you all the words you need to know before each one). Aside from the vocabulary quiz, theres also chapter quizzes. He posts up practice questions before every quiz/test as well as powerpoints that mirrors his test exactly. His tone in class, however is monotoned, and can really affect your focus as it tends to become tedious. But try to stay awake and listen to his invaluable lectures. I highly recommend taking Dr. Hodson if you want to build a strong and solid foundation in Chemistry! ~ T's Review.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2008-04-18

Comments:1300 - I dropped from Chem. 1301 and I thought this guy was wonderful. He has an accent which is very helpful(to stay awake),he's funny and is very patient. He brings in real life examples as well. I recommend him!  - Grade In Class:C

Date: 2008-03-30

Comments:1300 - His Introductory Chemistry class is SO EASY. I highly recommend to take his class if you need the credit. He puts all his powerpoints on Blackboard for you to print out along with helpful practice quizzes for each chapter he teaches in class. He's from Scotland and has a really cool accent; however, his voice is pretty monotoned, so not falling asleep is almost inevitable. His SI sessions are pretty helpful in preparation for the tests. There's vocab quizzes and chapter quizzes that aren't hard at all. There's 4 class exams and a final. Doing the "Putting It Togethers" for each chapter really helps before the tests andn final. He's a really nice man who just asks for you to be respectful during class and will help you if you any questions or concerns. TAKE HIM!!!  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2007-12-28

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