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Comments:World Cultures 3 - Dr. Jug is an excellent professor. WC3 is an extremely disjointed and badly put together course but Jug makes it interesting and accessible. He is a great professor and small groups are not Powerpoints or lectures but more of a round table discussion facilitated by him. He offers multiple opportunities for extra credit via extra assignments, bonus questions, dressing up, etc. Would highly recommend him.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2018-11-05

Comments:BIC 1314 - Dr. Jug was an excellent teacher with the misfortune of teaching a very difficult class, but I think he made what could have been a miserable semester fair and even enjoyable to an extent. He is very sarcastic and won't hesitate to call out people who try to skate by without doing the work but he is a fair and consistent grader. He is one of the only professors for this course that I know of who posts as many examples of the journal assignments (most just give an example of an A, while he gives an example for each letter grade and explains why it got the grade it did). He also gives better feedback than most professors. Don't bring him excuses and make sure you participate in class discussions or your grade will suffer. But, if you take advantage of the PI and do all your assigned readings (and I do mean all) you will get a good grade in the course and he'll give credit where credit is due. He also offers extra credit every time he lectures in large group. I never took him up on it (except for the time we just had to show up in costume for his lecture Halloween week) because I didn't really need it, but I know it really saved my friend's grade. You will have to study though he tries to make it as clear as possible what will be on the test even if he doesn't have much say in the test bank.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2018-07-19

Comments:HIS 2380 - Slavic Studies - Jug has a fresh take on course work and really puts European history in perspective with an eastern focus. His simulations can seem odd at first, but by the second one, you wonder why they aren't standard in history. Lectures are fine, with some great rants about bad leaders. Workload-only one essay, with flexible due dates, but a lot of response paragraphs. No midterm, but quiz on Monday as a rule. Promised. Take home final, but don't know what it will be yet. Summing up: relatable younger Prof, great history material, decent workload, would definitely take him again.  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2018-04-07

Comments:2334 - World III - Large group lectures and readings are mostly a joke, except for Jug and a couple others (you'll be on the wright track if you ask around). Small group is where Jug stands out even more, since some clear and cogent lectures (even as many as he gives) can't save the semester. Small group usually has a relaxed atmosphere, sometimes snacks, and always focus on explaining how the readings connect to the big picture and what to take away from them. There are so many readings, and the last lecture usually had nothing to do with them, so that explaining what's going on in culture at the time is everything. He does expect the group to talk a lot, even though he has a lot to say most of the time, and sometimes starts off with a big intro. His grading is fair, but he expects you to know how to write an essay, whether or not the prompt is clear. He is great about meeting to talk about papers or answer email questions. Recommend, but don't sleep on your enrollment day.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2017-12-23

Comments:2366 - Such a great guy. Didn't really have any homework, besides reading articles and about 2 papers (which are less than 900 words). He gives quizzes about every week based on the articles and his lectures. His lectures are powerpoints so just write everything down from the slide. He does talk a lot, but that just shows how knowledgable he is. He also does simulations, which can be a little nerve wracking but they are fun. Final is take home. Overall, a great and funny guy  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2017-11-07

Comments:2381 - Jug does history differently than a lot of profs, and he is on to something. The class had simulations instead of just lectures, and a lot of time for class discussion of history and its connection to current events. No one assignment is hard, but if you blow off a couple it will start to add up. I def had an A before I missed a bunch of response paragraphs after spring break, but that's on me. He is a solid guy who knows a ton, and can crack jokes now and then.  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2017-05-14

Comments:2365 - I was dreading getting my US history over with, and this class turned out to be one I actually enjoyed. I looked forward to coming to class, whether for lecture or for a simulation. Dr. Jug totally mixes up his class structure by adding in interactive, student-role focused activities that require background reading, but are way more interesting than anything else you’d expect in history. There are regular quizzes and a several small papers, and a take home final. His lectures are fun, as he brings a very different perspective to old material. He incorporates wacky old music and great visuals, and the hour and 15 usually flew by.  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2017-03-29

Comments:2334 - WC3 - Dr. Jug helps deal with the existential void that is world cultures three, and cares about the struggles students have keeping things straight. The class structure and readings are totally random, especially after the mid-term, but he is not one of those professors who pretends you are the problem for not understanding, or that it will all reveal itself on the last day (he actually joked about what the last day would do). His essay grading is a little tough, but he is easier on quizzes and the midterm (and hopefully the final). His lectures are some of the best of the semester, and you see even more of his personality in small group (tons of jokes and savage comments). He is great about explaining material, knows basically everything going on in Europe forwards and backwards, and makes clear what matters for the final, and what doesn’t. His fake quiz answers are lit. A fun instructor in an often dreary course.  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2017-01-05

Comments:2365 - He is a really knowledgeable guy with a really novel approach to organizing the class. He mixes standard history lectures with ‘simulations’, which is how we spend a bit less than half the semester. They are like role playing and mind games with just the other students (he directs things, but doesn't vote or chose sides). His lectures were always well organized and anchored around his PowerPoint, and although he sometimes gave a lot of details, he would also sprinkle in jokes and pop culture references, and link historical topics to current events. He also had great images and would often walk over to the big map on the wall to point out where exactly things were going on. The simulations were part board game, part student presentation, part student voting, and part poker game. They were a lot of fun, but some people didn’t take them very seriously, which hurt their team. We had to write three one page responses and two three page essays. He grades fairly, but not super easy. There were quizzes every two weeks, and no mid-term or tests, which was great. The final is take home, and only supposed to be graded on ideas, not writing. All the reading came from documents he posted on Canvas, and the textbook was optional, so it was great for our book budget. He said he doesn’t teach Early US often, but you should definitely take it with him the next time he does.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2016-12-22

Comments:SEES 2281 - He was a really good teacher and taught by powerpoint. There were no tests in class. We had a reading quiz every week over the assigned readings and he would give scratch and sniff stickers. 2 essays were not too hard at all. We did 4 or 5 simulations which were fun. I loved this topic but he really did not like questions. Our final was challenging 15 pages but I ended up with a A.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2016-11-16

Comments:HIS 2365 - Jug prefers to use simulations as opposed to tests in his class. This means you're given a character and try to portray that character in a few sessions (each simulation lasts about 5-6 class periods). I find this class very entertaining when doing simulations, as being lectured over American history can be kinda boring. He assigns quite a bit of reading, but offers bonus questions on the quizzes to boost your grade. There's no final, but there is a paper. So if you prefer testing style, take someone else. But if you like to read and write and interact in a classroom setting, TAKE JUG  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2016-11-14

Comments:WC4 - I really liked his lectures in large group in past semesters (costumes, avengers analogies, music) before I signed up for his small group this spring. Dr. Jug is really knowledgeable and always asked thought-provoking questions. He would be really funny if the discussion went well, but if the class was quiet, he would wait and let the silence sink in before explaining things. Grading was fair and detailed on papers, and extra credit was for real.  - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2016-05-22

Comments:BIC 1314 - Dr. Jug is the man. Early in the semester, I missed the Hindu Temple field trip and therefore had a huge overall deduction from my grade. However, Dr. Jug was implement understanding of the situation and helped me overcome this obstacle, guiding me on my way to ultimately obtain an A in the class. At first glance, Dr. Jug might look like the bad guy in an action movie. However, he is one of the nicest and most genuine professors I've ever had. His clear instruction, easy manner, and dry sense of humor are a few of the many reasons that I couldn't recommend Dr. Jug more strongly.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2016-01-08

Comments:2334 - World 3 - This class is no picnic, as most BICers have already heard. Dr. Jug does a great job explaining what matters most from the thousand readings we get, and is honest about what doesn't really connect to anything else. Expects everyone to talk in small group, but is a fair grader, and is super available to talk about papers or review for the crazy midterm and final.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2015-12-24

Comments:2380 - This was a great class that is way more interactive and engaging than history classes typically are. I had heard good things from a friend, and Dr. Jug is definitely young at heart and relatable. He makes lots of pop culture references and is happy to chat with students about random topics before class starts. In terms of content, he covered general developments in his lectures, so we usually didn't get bogged down in super narrow details about some Polish king, and got a good sense of what happened each century (the course covers 1000 years). The simulation activities were pretty focused to compliment the lectures. The sims were super fun, but also a really interesting way to learn about a country and its leaders. Even if you don't like talking a lot, you'll still like the simulations, because they always involve groups. We had one per "era," of the class, and they were a distinct part of the class for sure and one I wish more history courses had. The class was informative and is a really interesting perspective on Europe and the Middle East.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2015-12-15

Comments:2380 - Dr. Jug is very cool. He's young so he's relatable. He knows a lot about the Slavs and you will learn a lot. Quiz everyday over previous night's readings, simulations where you participate in voting like the Slavs would, NO EXAMS, few 3 paged essays and online discussion posts, and one take home final. Some people consider it a blow off class.   - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2015-11-17

Comments:World Cultures - I second the last set of comments. I had Dr. Jug in World 1 and World 4, and he just got better over time. World 1 The course seemed to alternate between barely covering a topic (Socrates/Plato, Gilgamesh) to covering others (Aeneid, Aeneid, Aeneid) way too much. Thankfully, Dr. Jug really focused on making sure we understood the big picture from texts if we didn’t really have time to go into the details, and always explained big ideas clearly. He made lots of jokes and was really open to having us discuss and hearing our ideas. He seemed to have a really good sense about when we needed a mini-lecture to clarify how to study a text, like with Confucius and what Rome was really all about besides the Aeneid. I thought the balance was really good, since we’re supposed to be discussing in the BIC, but some people wanted him to lecture in small group for some reason. He was also crazy helpful with mid-term and exam prep, even having extra sessions beyond what the PIs offered. I think he graded really fairly on the test/exam essays, but was a bit tougher on the journal responses. I never got lower than a B, but I also didn’t get 20/20 too often. But he gives clear comments about how to improve writing, organization, or argument. This all adds up to a big recommend: he’s one of the BIC profs that really cares AND really knows his stuff. World 4 This past semester showed me how crazy knowledgeable Dr. Jug really is. After hearing all the different lectures he gave in World 3, I couldn’t believe how much he knew about the US, too! He got back to showing off in lecture again this semester (after keeping it simple in the fall) with fun costumes, mustaches, music, and jokes in the powerpoint. Small group was really good, again, but very different than first semester. Dealing with the US, he really wanted us to think through the readings and what they mean for understanding the narratives in our past, and wasn’t impressed with simplistic answers. He wasn’t there to boost our self esteem, but still really cared and did all the little extras. Discussion was still mostly on us, which sometimes meant getting us to talk when we weren’t really interested in talking about poems or paintings. He was always really encouraging, even when people said dumb stuff, but you can tell when he really likes your comment because he talks about it later in the discussion (and even references you by name, if you really nailed it). Oh, and small group was great because he would let us have class outside a lot, and brought us treats all the time. Assignments were a bit weird this semester, with a lot of little papers, lots of quizzes, and brutal tests and midterms. He graded papers easy, and curved the mid-term and the final. A lot. Even so, he those short answer questions are tough, so expect to get mostly 8/10, unless you really know your stuff. He made a so-so American studies course a lot of fun, and tried to bring us new material and perspectives on stuff we’ve all taken in high school. Such a fun and honest prof, really on point with course material, and definitely the kind that make the BIC special,  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2015-05-28

Comments:2344 - Cultures 4 - I wish more professors in the bic were like Jug. He really knows his stuff, which is amazing since he is also in Cultures 1! He's happy to answer questions, in small group or by email, and he would always wait after large group in case anyone wanted to talk to him. He really engages you in small group, unlike the professors who just brake us up into small groups to discuss a reading and then sit there silently for most of the session. Work is standard across small groups, as always, but he offers little bonus questions here and there, which add up, so it's like a reduced workload. Oh, and he bumped my final grade from 87 to an A-! Wish I had been in his small group from first semester.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2015-05-22

Comments:World Cultures 4 - Dr. Jug is my favorite professor in the BIC. He is so knowledgeable and passionate about all the material and goes out of his way to make sure you are, too. He puts far more effort into small group than I think any other professor I've had, and it definitely shows. He always has good discussion topics prepared, occasional slideshows, candy, and supplementary material to help you understand readings and lectures. He also throws in more extra credit than other professors. He goes out of his way to make sure his students are getting the help they need in understanding material and is really good about always being available to meet outside of class. He is a fair (if not lenient) grader, and gives you stickers if you do well, which is a nice little bonus. I cannot recommend him enough.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2015-02-18

Comments:2234 - He’ll expect a lot from you, but he puts a lot into small group and does a lot extra, too. He thinks that BIC classes should be conducted at a higher level than others, but doesn’t grade too hard, As and Bs, but maybe more Bs than other profs. He seems to know everything in the course and then some, and was really good at explaining the readings and main ideas we need to know from them. The exam review he held for the entire large group was a life saver. Had a B+ on Blackboard, got a A-  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2014-12-18

Comments:WC 1314 - Jug is great! Take him. He's a fair grader and tells you exactly what he is looking for. He gives you stickers, candy and cookies. He goes out of his way to make sure you know what to study and has reviews before the exams. He can ramble sometimes but he is probably one of the best professors for World Cultures I!  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2014-12-03

Comments:BIC World Cultures III - Good guy, but an average teacher. He loves Russian stuff for sure.  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2014-11-23

Comments:BIC 2334 - World Cultures 3 - Dr. Jug is a great small group leader. He knows so much about all the readings, European or Japanese. He is always willing to provide context about there the author is from or what else is happening at the time, which we're supposed to get in large group, but often don't. Understandably, he gets a little a frustrated when people don't want to talk, but doesn't loose his cool. A lot of the readings are boring, but he always makes them connect to the rest of the course, and doesn't care if we don't love them. Super fair grader, tries to sneak in a little extra credit for us, and makes a lot of dry jokes (you have to think about them for second, and he doesn't stand there grinning until you laugh).  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2014-11-23

Comments:2334 - WC3 - Jug is the best professor in World 3, hands down. He gives the best lectures in large group, because no one else is funny and clearly informative. In small group, he is really good at explaining stuff, and knows you want to understand it for the midterm and final (not just to live an examined life). Really down to earth and approachable, but crazy knowlegable about all kinds of stuff, Europe and Japan. So glad he's in World 4, too.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2014-11-20

Comments:1314 - Jug was a really good small group leader from start to finish. With the whole first year behind me, I really appreciate how he led discussions. Not everyone can do it. Most weeks, he made small group feel like it had been all he had been working on for the past two days, in a good way. Really, it turns out he was finishing his dissertation, so its more amazing how much he focused on our class. It was a good mix of what seems like normal BIC activities: general discussion, breaking up into smaller groups to discuss amongst ourselves and then share, a skit/performance of one of the greek texts, using video, images, and even a quiz game against another small group. There was only a little lecturing, and it was helpful to clarify some tricky topics, like Confucius. His grading seems scarry at first, but he is super clear about what he wants, and so after the first response, he is very fair and provides specific comments. Also, he got work back to us fast, better than any of my other profs, although he kinda bragged about it, too. Also, he was really nice and approachable, would always available for office hours, and really made time for BIC events to hang out with us. RECOMMEND.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2014-06-02

Comments:WCI - Jug is a great professor. He teaches the material very well and is quite intelligent. He knows his stuff and is passionate about it as well, plus he has a great sense of humor. He is a fair grader, and even gives you stickers when he thinks you've done a good job and frequently brings candy to class. Would definitely recommend him!  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2014-04-11

Comments:BIC 2334 - Professor Jug is one of my favorite professors in the BIC. He is really funny and teaches the material fairly well, but he relies on class participation, he will not just give you the answer. He is pretty laid back and is a relatively easy grader on essays and such. He is also very helpful during test reviews. I would definitely recommend taking him.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2013-12-13

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