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*A 5 star workload is an easy workload; a 3 star is average; whereas a 1 star workload is extremely hard.

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Comments:BComm - Although she is uncomfortable to pay attention to in class, her class is very easy. As long as you know basic grammar, it will be easy for you to get an A. When I saw her terrible rating on BUBooks, I tried so hard to get out of her class. However, I stayed in it for hour issues, and honestly this class was the easiest thing I've ever taken. She is a little tough on grammar when it comes to assignments being turned in, but other than that, this class is easy to pass.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2018-06-06

Comments:BUS 3315 - Worst professor I have ever had. I received outstanding grades on everything except a final project that is worth 25% of the final grade. She is proud that no one has gotten an A on the project in all her semesters of teaching. It is a boring subject made worse by a terrible professor.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2016-12-21

Comments:Business Communications - She takes her class way too seriously and makes it a point to make sure people don't make an A. She does this by dropping everyone a letter grade with the final project that is 25% of your grade. Other professors make this class an easy A but she does not. She is awful do not take this woman. She should not be a professor.  - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2016-12-14

Comments:3315 - AVOID HER!!! You get tons of busy work so she can penalize people who are absent. She takes pride in the fact that only 4 students that she has taught got an "A-" on the final project, only after a 15 point curve mind you, which is worth 25% of your grade! The grammar jeopardy day was probably the most beneficial day we had. I do not say that because it was a game we got to play, but because it allowed us to see many different examples of grammar issues which we could learn from. I also thought that the resume unit was very beneficial. The powerpoint slides from Pearson are USELESS!! They are like beating a dead horse. The class is literally falling asleep and no one is learning from them. You will lose a lot of points because of grammar on almost all assignments yet we spend almost no time on it. She also grades for grammar that matches her style, so going to the writing center (which 3 of my classmates and I did) and getting two people from there to read your paper isn't helpful. So all in all, avoid her if at all possible. She's having a baby so maybe things will change but I would not risk it!  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2016-11-15

Comments:3305 - For a class that is supposed to be very helpful and informative on the different types of business writings that a professional would be expected to conduct in the work place, Dr. Seward is not the right professor. She literally prides herself on not giving out a lot of A's because she feels as though rarely are there such things as "perfect work" and that is what she is expecting to see if you're going to earn an A in her class. There is a major research paper worth 25% of the class that is assigned towards the end of the semester, and literally the class average was a 55%... so she had to curve everyone's grade 15 extra points just so people would pass. She considered that as "normal" LOL. The only things that somewhat saved my grade in her class were the pointless busy work assignments and quizzes that she randomly assigns. They're pretty easy if you do the light readings so don't blow them off. Overall, I would not recommend Dr. Seward to anyone needing to take Business Writing.  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2016-11-02

Comments:3315 - Avoid this class at all costs. The information is not particularly helpful whatsoever and the busy work is constant. She gives constant busy work grades to try and keep people from skipping. She means well but focuses way too much on grammar and does not teach business communication skills effectively. Workload isnt necessarily hard just extraordinarily annoying. Do well on the grammar diagnostic tests at the beginning or you will be taking annoying grammar mastery tests all semester. Find another prof who has taught business and isn't a Phd english major.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2016-10-18

Comments:BUS 3315 - Avoid Seward if possible. She obviously does not like teaching college students and is very proud of her PhD. Most of the class felt like busy work. All the homework is super easy until the last couple weeks when there is a final project with a lot of little details that just seem redundant. There are no tests until the end and then there are two finals + the final project. Other classes were given study guides for the departmental exam, but our class didn't get it. I think she means well... Her teaching style just makes an already laborious course worse.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2015-12-21

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