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Comments:3330 3332 - Oh, how do I give dear Virginia a review I could ever hope she would pay attention to? Where to begin? First, in response to other comments that say her reviews are “undeserving” …they very much so are well-placed, and Miss Virginia Green deserves all complaints she receives. I believe, one of the first things she will let you know is that the negative comments are submitted by students who are sensitive and/or don’t put in the work to get a good grade… Slightly narcissistic? Gaslighting? Condescending? Anyway, we started off the semester with a good (sarcasm) start. Throughout the semester, she had no sympathy for students’ availability. I worked a full-time job while going to school full time and could not make her office hours due to other classes and work schedules. Did she offer to meet at an outside time when I reached out to her to explain the complication? No. Instead, she said that her office hours and times to meet were what they were. So, is it really about “not being able to put in the work?” Or is it more about Virginia Green being a dictator? During feedback sessions she was condescending, telling people things were bad without explaining the ‘why’ and practically just saying she didn’t like it and therefore it was bad, without relying on artistic choice and objective values like composition, color scheme, focal point, etc... It’s Virginia’s way or no way. Her attitude was just the beginning of this hellscape of a class. The art department has a strict attendance policy as is, but Virginia’s was worse. Because of such a strict attendance policy, I had an event for law school where I would be able to gain mentorship, reference letters, and networking, so I asked if this could be an excused absence as I would only be missing one day, but I didn’t want it to take away from one of the grace days built within the attendance policy, in case I became sick or had an emergency….the dictator said that networking wasn’t a good enough reason to miss class. I’m sorry, what is college for??? The majority of the college, especially degrees within BA programs like art, rely heavily on networking. I also attempted to study abroad for a semester, and I would need to take a specific graphic design course to graduate on time. The abroad program offered the course, but only emphasized 2/3 of the topics Green’s course did therefore it was not an already accepted course and would need the dean approval. I went to the dean for approval, and fear appeared in his eyes when it was Green’s course and he immediately said no, I would have to get the course approved by the devil herself- Green. I’m assuming you all know where I’m going with this. She said no. After explaining the reasoning (the missing topic) I attempted to plea for other options so could go. It was a no, regardless of my efforts. A college experience denied by an associate professor. I’m hoping you all are still reading at this point because the best is yet to come. The final point, the one that every future student of Virginia Green should be wary of: Is the final exam day. The dead-days that occur between the last day of class and the final critique day are typically filled with anxiety, stress, and fear of the outcome. Green offered two office days where students could schedule appointments for help. I didn’t go, at this point, I had lost my passion for art and motivation to even comply with Green’s dictatorial, authoritarian teaching approach. But many proactive, engaged, ambitious students feared their grades and feared Green’s condescending feedback, so many went. Come the day of the final critique, which took place in the evening. The late morning of everyone is adding in the last details, mounting, etc., and the witch walks in. She holds her chin up, hands behind her back, and puts one foot in front of the other at a slow pace, all while humming; In other words, she was mocking the anxiety of the students in the room. As I laughed at her strut, a student, one of the kinds I had mentioned earlier, dares to ask a last-minute question. Green refuses to answer, following up her ‘no’ with a comment about how all questions should have been asked in a review meeting. The student pleas as it was a quick question. Green refuses to help again. Mind you, there are HOURS remaining. If Green came into the room without a willingness to help her students, why come in at all? (Hint: I answered this earlier….to mock). Tired of her (and I mean everything about her), I confronted her and asked her if she was refusing to help her students, she followed it up with the same reply, questions should have been asked during office hours. Again, I asked, are you refusing to help her, now? She told me I had nothing to worry about. Not my concern, as I said, I was done with her and the class. She never answered the student’s questions. If you take anything from my experience with her, know that I changed my major at the end of my junior year because she was so dreadful to be with. She lacks remorse, sympathy, empathy, and compassion; and she tries to rebut her cold heart with a ‘people-don’t-like-my-bluntness’ mentality. She’s a bully. Ask a graphic design student how many students she had made cry…no professor should have a reputation like that. Did I mention she’s only an associate professor, she can’t get tenured because of the student feedback she receives. There might be a small handful of good reviews in here, and you might not have a choice to take her, so you cling to those good reviews, but those good reviews don’t supersede the bulk of negative feedback on here. You better go in expecting the worst and remove any sort of sensitivity you have; Go in ready to fight. The only thing I will say that is semi-nice of her, she does respect confrontation. So if you take her class, questioning her will not lead to a bad grade; She at least has that going for her. Good luck!  - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2022-09-30

Comments:3330 - It took me a while to figure out how to even word this review fairly, but this professor pretty much destroyed any interest I had in graphic design. I can barely remember anything about the work, or what I learned through the course, because me and this professor chaffed like sandpaper. She was condescending, rude, and consistently unhelpful through my entire semester, and I’m baffled I managed a B at all in this course. She doesn’t have much respect for struggle and will outright accuse you of not trying, even if your pouring effort into your work, and will go as far as to critique your character and you as a person rather than the quality of your work. I wanted to like her, I really did, and I wanted to like graphic design, but after this class I don’t think I could ever touch typography again. Her workload was decent, I don’t remember struggling with the work itself other than having confusion on the wording of some assignments. She’s pretty available during the day so it’s not hard to get ahold of her. Overall, she’s tough to a fault, and seems to behave a bit more like a drill sergeant at times when she needs to be a professor. Avoid the class if you can, especially if you aren’t an art major. If you can’t, just keep your head down, do the work, and get through it. It is possible to learn things about graphic design in her classes.  - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2021-06-30

Comments:ART 2330 - Professor Green doesn't deserve all the bad reviews she gets. Either she's drastically improved overnight, or was never as bad as made out to be. Her workload is big it's true, but it's intended to accustom students to their future careers and get used to juggling multiple timelines and shifting priorities - WHICH IS KEY TO SUCCESS IN THE JOB FORCE. She is tough but fair. Her critiques are informative and thorough, and you will leave her class more skilled, knowledgable, confident and well rounded than you were before. I think she's a great professor who deserves as more praise than censure. I've never seen her behave in any way that might make somebody cry. Take her, you'll be a better artist for it.  - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2020-10-08

Comments:3330,4331,4333 &book arts - Professor Green is by far one of the worst professors I have experienced at Baylor, which I have sadly had 4 classes with. She is obscenely unprofessional and lets her emotions get the best of her, which she does not acknowledge nor apologize for. I have never seen someone with such severe bipolar behavior, while also showing consistent favoritism for those she hates and those she loves. I have never seen someone on such a power trip - she's the only graphic design professor except for Professor Andrew Baker who was here for a short time - and therefore she has basically no one holding her accountable or to a standard of how a classroom should be run - which she knows. She has messed up badly as my advisor, almost costing me an extra semester at Baylor, which I caught and fixed luckily. She did not, by the way, acknowledge that it was her mistake. Professor Green is also the most aggressive and rude person I have had the displeasure of knowing. Her aggression and rudeness is not due to healthy assertiveness, but rather genuine emotion-fueled impulse word vomit. I have also never seen a grown woman blame everyone but herself for any and all mistakes. She is the definition of guilty until proven innocent rather than innocent until proven guilty. She has made students cry multiple times and not cared a bit. Furthermore if you work too much on a project outside of class, she will hate it for the sole reason that she did not have enough involvement in inserting her opinions on the project during those design decisions you made at home - and will literally make you start over. Overall I have seen my creativity nurtured and flourish with other professors in the art department, but I feel that in all of her classes my creativity has only been stomped on until it molded into what she and she alone felt was good. There are things that you can learn from her, which I do appreciate and have done, but the bad far far far outweighs the good with her. Overall, avoid if you can. Except that you can't if you're a graphic design student at Baylor...good luck, you'll need it.  - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2019-07-06

Comments:4338 and 4333 - I took Green's book arts and portfolio classes. While she's a tough personality to work with, I do believe students can learn a lot from her. She's great with critiques and always tries her best to answer any questions. So from a learning perspective she's super helpful. But her leadership and organizational skills are awful. She doesn't always relay new information or schedule changes to the class well. Her attitude can change on a daily basis, especially around big deadlines. She can come off as aggressive in her comments at times in a way that's neither constructive nor professional. My best advice for getting through her classes is to learn how to manage yourself; don't depend on her to guide you through anything. If you follow her deadlines you'll end up behind, so think a step ahead of what she says she's expecting of you. And develop a thick skin; don't be afraid to ask her to elaborate on a negative comment to get the constructive critique you need.  - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2018-09-29

Comments:3330 - One of the hardest teachers I have ever taken at Baylor but one of the best teachers at Baylor. She will work your butt off and probably will make you cry but I can promise you that you will leave a better student. She truly care about her students and her number one goal is to watch them succeed.  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2018-05-02

Comments:4329 - Avoid Virginia Green at all costs!!!!!!!!!!!!! She might steal your soul. She basically has no teaching ability what soever. One of the most unhelpful professors at the University of Baylor. Also her mood swings are straight from left field to right field, so watch out. She will take out all her anger on you. She is bipolar. She is straight evil without remorse. I witnessed her make a fellow student cry in the middle of class and she didn't bat an eye lash. I can't emphasize enough how out of touch and unprofessional she is. She personally messed up my advising and almost cost me another year at Baylor and she didn't apologize for her mistake, nor owned up to it. All in all...dont take her...or talk to her. Amen  - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2016-04-08

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