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*A 5 star workload is an easy workload; a 3 star is average; whereas a 1 star workload is extremely hard.

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Comments:3325 - He does a great job using different types of resources to teach. I actually learned a ton in the class. Extra credit opportunities, two exams, a project, and a final. Homework picks up a little in the beginning, but its nothing crazy. Always responds quickly and seems to really want the best for his students.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2021-12-21

Comments:3325 - Funny, chill dude. He makes learning interesting. Lots of in-class simulations so you get natural breaks for class. Homework is heavy in the beginning during "process analysis" but once you get past that it is more relaxed. Good guy, take him if possible.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2021-11-16

Comments:3325 - I absolutely love professor Douglas. He is one of the best professors at Baylor. He is super kind and genuinely cares about his students. If you can take him, please do it! It was my favorite class this semester. I looked forward to going each day. There were two tests and a final. As long as you go to class and pay attention you should do good on the exams. The tests were mostly multiple choice with 10 fill in the blanks (calculation questions which he gives you similar ones to practice with before the exam). There was a project too but it doesn't take up too much time. All the HW assignments had clear instructions and were not difficult.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2021-05-13

Comments:3325 - Great guy. He does a really great job of teaching the material from a Christian perspective. He also tries to modify the class whenever he senses that something isn't working. Pretty easy class, but an A is a 94, so that's no easy feat. Grade is based on a bunch of things that are basically 100s if you do them, a project that isn't a large time commitment that is also fairly easy to get a 100 on, and a midterm and final. The midterm and final are not that bad, and basically just require looking over the powerpoints and knowing how to do the calculations. The final is also cumulative. Overall, great professor, easy class, and I also think you learn some useful things about supply chain management, so great class for non management majors.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2021-05-09

Comments:MGT 3325 - Easiest class I have taken. You have maybe and hour of homework a week. Tests are super easy if you do the practice quiz and can read bold words on a powerpoint.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2019-04-14

Comments:3325 - Dr. Douglas is my favorite professor so far at Baylor. He really cares for very student. The class itself is pretty easy as it is a point based system. Would highly recommend taking him.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2018-12-11

Comments:MGT 3325 - Very down to Earth. Enthusiastic about teaching. Great guy overall. Do whatever you can to take him.  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2018-12-05

Comments:3325 - Prof Douglas is honestly such an awesome professor, I would 100% take him again. Very nice guy, does a good job at explaining concepts to the class and is very down to earth. His quizzes and assignments are all online and aren't hard at all, exams also weren't bad at all, and the class averages were usually high. The class can be a bit dry at times, but that would be my only complaint. One of the best Ops professors, take him if you can!  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2018-11-08

Comments:OPS Man. - The best prof I have had at Baylor in the past 3 years. He really cares about his students and values their input. The class goes by so fast because he is easy to listen to and is good at keeping the class engaged. I would FOR SURE recommend him. Quiz and homework are easy. Test are not easy, but do-able if you study and pay attention in class.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2018-11-08

Comments:3325 - Professor Douglass is GREAT!!! I would 100% take his class again. He is an extremely caring, knowledgeable professor. Some classes are a little dry, but I honestly love his classes most of the time. He's also one of the nicest professors I've had. He starts the class off just asking how we're doing and then goes over 'admin' stuff to keep us up to date on his thoughts on the class. The quizzes and readings are pretty easy 100's. The exams aren't easy, but they're also not terribly hard. The averages were in the high 80's low 90's. I highly recomend you taking him!!  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2018-11-07

Comments:3325 - Dr. Douglas is a super nice guy! He explains everything well and makes class interesting. The online quizzes over readings are easy. The tests are straightforward. He is helpful in office hours if you need any help. I would 100% recommend taking him for ops!  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2018-11-06

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