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Comments:1300 - Jug tries to make the class interesting, but not necessarily easy. Prob best described as an Easy B, if that were a thing. He is a pretty nice guy and wants students to talk in discussions. Documents were usually boring, but the books were for real interesting. Lectures are okay, even though he jokes a lot in simulations but does lectures mostly serious. His big thing is simulations, which require most people to talk. I liked most, but its not great if you are shy, since you either talk anyway or get odd jobs like making maps or writing a bunch of stuff down for your group. Part of your grade comes from whether your country/party wins or not. Otherwise, you have to write a paper on a historic graphic novel, post on discussion board once a month, and then the final. Like I said, not a ton of work if you want to get a B (just don’t skip more than once or twice), but you have to take serious lecture notes to do well on the short answer final to get an A. He gives out a study guide for it, but if you have no notes, it won’t help, since he only posts a one slide summary of each lecture, not the whole thing.  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2022-05-21

Comments:HIS 1300 - Literally had no idea what Dr. Jug was talking about half the time but it's pretty easy to pull through the class with an A. I had homework probably every other week which wasn't bad compared to my other classes. I think the only time I ever studied for the class was the day before the final and most everyone I know pulled through with an A or B+. Dr. Jug is slightly sassy at times but he is helpful when needed.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2022-05-03

Comments:1300 - Class is pretty fun despite the rather dry subject matter. Most of your grade is based on “simulations” where you pretend to be a historical figure. The grading for the simulations is pretty unclear but everyone I know got at least a B+ or above on them (in fact a lot of people got A’s on them). You have to book reviews/analyses due during the semester but if you get an A on the first one you don’t have to do the second one. He is a pretty easy grader when it comes to writing. The final seems hard initially but he gives you the prompts in advance and is easy when grading it. Most people I know in the class got at least a B+  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2022-01-27

Comments:HIS 1300 - I hate history. This history class still somehow managed to be the class I looked forward to during the semester, it is very fun if you let it be. There are lectures and I can assure you that every single detail is important and may be on the final. I would definitely recommend taking notes. A large chunk of the class is composed of "simulations" in which we role-play as historical figures during events relevant to the course material. These simulations require some reading but are super fun and engaging if you don't just sit around and be shy the whole time. Though these simulations are competitive (group v group) your grade doesn't suffer too much if you do poorly on the simulation as long as he knows that you tried/participated. This reflects how enthusiastic Professor Jug is about the material, especially about Russia. There were a couple of book reviews and a monthly discussion board which were all quite straightforward. The final is composed of open-ended short answer questions which he gives you a week to 2 weeks in advance.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2022-01-20

Comments:1300 - The last review mostly has it right for 1300 online. He doesn’t mention that it is a tough A, because you have to complete a response assignment or discussion post five days a week with breaks only on weekends and the day before a paper is due. The lectures are interesting, but Jug goes slower than I would have liked, but I guess he wanted everyone to be able to keep up. Jug drops the worst 7 responses, but they are pass fail, so you can’t just type up something last minute for a B. Having a zoom meeting with him really helped make his expectations clear, but I kinda forgot to watch his intro video. I learned a lot, but would have liked a chill workload for the summer.  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2021-08-16

Comments:1300 - Online class was streamlined and just had lecture summations, discussion with each other, and three papers plus the final exam. You can get assignments done early if you have to balance a summer job or extracirriculars, and I was able to do all the required lecture summations by the half way point, leaving only the papers and some basic comments on discussion board until the final. Jug’s a fair grader, and will give extensions only if you ask in advance, but you have to keep up, because late penalty is 20% per day. Lectures are majorly detailed, which can be interesting or overwhelming, depends on the topic. He posted the exam prompt at 9 days early with question choice, so I am happy I’ll get this requirement done in the summer.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2021-08-06

Comments:2381 - If you take this as an international studies major, get ready for history, because he starts in 1914. Each third of the class covers a bunch of decades to get to the present, and then the last week is all discussion of current events from that week’s news. Jug is very big on discussion and students speaking up during class, and those make up a very significant part of the course grade. If you like participating and simulations (history role play, without costumes), you’ll like the course. Average reading load, because there is often just a couple of pages a week, but then a whole book to read after a month. 3 1000 word review papers, 1-page responses for the simulations and a take home essay exam. He gives extra credit, which is very valuable if you miss days or do not talk very often.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2021-07-05

Comments:1300 - ONLINE This class was so straightforward, I can’t believe anybody thinks its not. Two lectures a week like a Tues-Thurs class, but they were always 45 minutes, never 75 with a 300 word write up for each, but he dropped 6 of them. Jugg even put example answers up in the first month to make crystal clear what he wanted. Way better than AP history, since he actually explained things in depth, instead of just giving us lists to memorize with one sentence explanations, and actually made sense the way gender came up, not just a day on women. Ridiculously clear weekly routine for the whole semester, once you get the lecture write-ups down  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2020-12-26

Comments:HIS 1350 - Dr. Jug was very unorganized with this online course. I constantly reached out with emails as well as receiving help from fellow classmates and Baylor writing center for the home-works, and yet received numerous incompletes or fails. His grading was super strict in terms of accuracy and submission comments lacked helpfulness for the course. 2 four page essays and a take home essay at the end pretty much sums up the courses entirety. All in all DONT TAKE HIM.  - Grade In Class:C+

Date: 2020-12-09

Comments:1300 - Took online version with him, and the work was simple but difficult. Simple because you knew exactly what to do: two 4 page papers, a discussion board every two weeks, and two homework lecture write ups a week. Difficult because he expected very specific answers to six questions per lecture. I punted on the first two, but then emailed and had a zoom meeting with him to clarify, aced the rest (they were all pass fail), and then got an email a week ago saying I was done. He runs it like chapel: save your drops to the end, and you can take most of November off until the final. I really liked that I only had to check in twice a week, and could focus on in person the rest of the time.  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2020-11-21

Comments:HIS 1300 - Professor Jug did a very poor job teaching this online course. I was so excited to have him because of all his great ratings, but I was greatly disappointed. His lectures were extremely disorganized, he did not respond to emails, and the homework essay questions were extremely difficult. There were two essays a week which was sometimes tough but not too bad. I would recommend not taking him for online courses.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2020-11-18

Comments:2380 - Slavic studies 1 - We just did the first simulation this week, and it was the most fun, most intense class experience I have had at Baylor (it's my junior year). Actually doing the diplomacy, not just hearing about it, really changes your perspective. Otherwise, interesting course, lots of discussion, long lectures, light writing, quizzes  - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2019-10-25

Comments:3340 Russia to 1861 - A great class with lots of discussion and reenacting historical events. He made 1000 years of history interesting and clear, and we read highlights of Russian lit figures. Workload was only one research paper and quizzes and paragraphs. Funny guy who probably isn't an edgelord, but savage.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2019-07-03

Comments:World Cultures 3 and 4 - Dr. Jug is a great professor, his classes are discussion based and he is very available to help at all times. BIC is heavy reading, so I can't speak for his other classes, and the quizzes often threw me for a loop, but he offers a lot of extra credit and is very helpful. He is very engaging and a great professor!  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2019-06-06

Comments:1307 - Jug is a cool prof, but this was a weird course. He would pack a huge amount of detail in his lectures, but let us out 5 or 10 minutes early all the time. He didn’t assign much work, but had graded it tough. He gave us a real tough final, but then curved it hugely. I took his section because a friend like his US class, so I bet that one had the highs without the lows.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2019-05-25

Comments:HIS 2366 - Dr. Jug is a pretty cool guy. A 7 question quiz every week. No tests. The review below is basically everything you need to know other than you can't use laptops and the notes get to be hard to keep up with because its so much to write. I'd recommend  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2018-12-07

Comments:2366 - Dr. Jugg is very passionate about history. Funny that he's Canadian and knows so much about American history. A genuinely great guy. Lectures can get long and boring, as they take up most of the class periods and are not very interactive. The two simulations that you do are fun and easy grades as long as you participate every day. The weekly readings for quizzes are never too long and the quiz questions are generally easy (each quiz has 5 points of extra credit opportunity as well). The final grade is a 6-8 page essay with choices of prompts that cover the whole course material. I would recommend him to anyone that does not have issues taking notes for an entire class period.   - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2018-11-29

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