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*A 5 star workload is an easy workload; a 3 star is average; whereas a 1 star workload is extremely hard.

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Comments:JOU 3372 - Very great guy, positive energy, and he cares about his student's success. A lot of writing though. However, he's not a super tough grader, and as long as you do the work and put in the effort, you will be fine.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2022-01-20

Comments:3372 - Professor Brammer is amazing! He really cares about his students understanding of the material and is willing to do pretty much anything to make sure they get it. He was always very quick in replying to questions through emails and willing to set up zoom meetings if you weren't able to make it to office hours. Most of the semester the workload was pretty easy, with the exception of a couple of extremely heavy weeks, but overall this class is easy and Brammer is a great person and professor.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2021-11-15

Comments:JOU 3372 - Not only this class an incredibly easy A, Mr. Brammer is the best teacher I’ve ever had. If you miss an assignment or need an extension, reach out to him. He also responds quickly to emails. I can tell that he cares a lot for his students.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2021-11-14

Comments:3367 - Professor Brammer is AMAZING! I cannot stress enough how great he is. He has made himself so available to our class. He is engaging, personable, and cares about every single student's success in and out of the classroom. He is so reliable. Please take him if you get the chance. His class was always such a bright spot in my day.   - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2021-11-11

Comments:JOU 4340 - Professor Brammer is very kind and helpful. Super nice dude. He isn't the most knowledgeable about the things he teaches, specifically HTML, Hootsuite, CSS or WordPress, so a lot of the class was spent with him figuring out how stuff worked, which was frustrating. That being said, class was easy, no tests, hardly any homework, easy final assignment. Take if you want an Easy A  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2021-06-24

Comments:3372 - Professor Brammer might be the best professor I've ever had. He's absurdly kind and helpful. He gives extensions if you tell him the truth about what's going on. He's really supportive and provides constructive criticism on your work before you turn it in if you ask. He's always been available when I ask for help and frequently says he's saying a prayer for me if I tell him I've been struggling because of COVID. The workload in his class can sometimes be rough with 1-2 assignments a week, 1-2 discussion posts, and a weekly quiz. His midterm was not too bad and was based on writing like we'd been doing the first half of the semester. You will not regret taking Brammer at all. He cares so much about his students and checks in with all of us before class and afterwards if we stay after he "ends" class. He is ridiculously kind and just such a Chad. Take Brammer!!  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2020-11-16

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