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Comments:MTH 1308 - As someone who struggles with Math NIkki Field is not a good professor. She picks favorites and when she does you feel completely neglected. There would be times at the end of the semester where I would ask her to check my work and she never once was able to say my name. She even admitted at the end of the semester that she hadn't memorized everyones names. I would say that if math comes easier to you she's an alright professor because she explains everything like it's a review. Luckily she does drop one test and homework which really helped me out. I would recommend that you do the entire review on MyLAB because she takes her test problems from there. Good luck!  - Grade In Class:D

Date: 2023-01-17

Comments:1308 - I went into this class expecting the worst, her BU ratings was like a 35… she’s not that bad at all. I thought she was a good teacher and did a good job making it feel like an engaging classroom rather than just a lecture. She welcomes questions which i appreciated. I will say, she is very loud and some can see her as being obnoxious, but I honestly loved the energy she brought. Sometimes i would be confused but she structured the course where everything will eventually come together. I ended up getting an A, which i wasn’t expecting. If you apply yourself in her class you’ll succeed, it’s all about mindset. The people rating her super low did not apply themselves in her class.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2022-12-20

Comments:1308 - She does not know there is more than one way to get an answer. She says to show work, but still marks off points for no reason. There is a reason she is an art major and because she has no clue how to teach math. I did not make the 3.0 minimum since on the last exam where I did things correctly she wanted to give me a 70. I actually do not know what I ended with as I am taking the final later, but AVOID at all costs. Baylor Math department will hire anyone to teach since she's an art major teaching this class. The final is the only grace period because she is not grading it.  - Grade In Class:C+

Date: 2022-12-11

Comments:1308 - I have no idea why Ms. Fields has such a low rating. She is one of the best math teachers I have ever had. She really tries to accommodate for her students and even hols tests from 6-8pm so we can get more time to work on them. There are 5 tests total and she drops one of them so it's easy to still get a good grade if you do bad on a test. Theres a homework every week that usually takes 2 hours, but you can do a few problems every day and easily do it. She gives a few "pop quizzes" every so often, but she tells you exactly whats going to be on it the class before so you can study it (they are usually equations). If you put in the work there is no reason why you wouldn't get a B in this class. There is an SI for the class that is really really helpful if you get lost in the class. Overall, Ms. Fields just want's you to succeed and do well in class and gives you multiple opportunities to do so.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2022-04-20

Comments:MTH 1308 - Mrs. Field is one of the most disrespectful professors that I have encountered at Baylor. She does not teach the material that is seen on the exams. While the course load is not heavy, you will most likely find yourself teaching yourself all of the information needed to succeed in this class. Not only does she lack in her ability to teach effectively, she calls out students and takes any chance to single out or publically humiliate students of her choosing. Often times the expectations of exams are unclear. I especially would not recommend this professor if you are an athlete. She is unwilling to accommodate needs in regards to travel and university event excused absences. I would definitely not recommend this professor, however, the class itself isnt bad.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2022-03-24

Comments:1308 - Nicki Fields was the best professor I have had so far at Baylor. It was her first semester teaching at Baylor last semester which might explain the reviews. However, after a few weeks in she got to know her students and began going over problems in class that were more similar to the quizzes and tests. She posts practice problems and the solutions on canvas which you should do on your own before the test. You are not going to do well if you don't study. I started with a D and raised it to an A by the end of the semester. ALSO, having a high homework average with boost your grade a ton so do your homework. She is honestly very funny and a very kind person. I wish she taught 1309 because I really liked this professor.  - Grade In Class:A

Date: 2022-02-01

Comments:1308 - If you struggled in this class you just did not understand math. Yes she didnt teach, but everything that was on the tests you could have taught yourself. And the fact that she basically dropped two tests saved alot of peoples grades. Maybe you guys should study more, or not be a business major.  - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2021-12-18

Comments:1308 - When looking on this website I was not shocked with any of the ratings given. I have never had a worse and more unfair teacher. From unfair test to unfair due dates of homework that constantly change it's so hard for anyone to pass her class. She started hiding the class averages after the first two tests which had around 50% averages. The only reason I have a decent grade is because everyone in the class was failing so she dropped a test. It is hard to even put into words the rude things she has said to students but basically put students down and compare intelligence levels. She told one student she wasn't smart enough to learn a different method. I normally can get along with any teacher but if I am coming up to ask a question about a quiz and the fact that she won't even tell me what I did wrong because it was the exact same answer as hers makes it difficult to get along. I would drop if I were you  - Grade In Class:B+

Date: 2021-12-10

Comments:1308 - This is the worst class I've ever taken. Ms. Field is a bad teacher, and not a caring person. I feel she strives to have her students be unsuccessful. She doesn't bring a Christian aspect to the classroom at all, and we Baylor is obviously a Christian University. Personally, I've never been bad at math until I took this class. The class average for our firs two exams were a failing grade, specifically in the 50s. After those exams, she started hiding our class averages. She rarely knows what's going on or what material she's teaching us during class, and is constantly asking students if they know how to do a problem or someone to check her answer because she's clueless. I am seriously shocked at the things she has said to students in class. She will call out people who are struggling, tell them they're dyslexic, not smart enough to learn something with a different method, laughing at a student who has a broken leg, etc. She is not a fair grader whatsoever. I do not wish anyone else to take this class with Ms. Field, she is terrible.  - Grade In Class:C

Date: 2021-12-10

Comments:MTH 1308 - She is rude and does not help her students at all. The tests are nothing like the homework and she does nothing to help you study. If you can avoid her, do it.  - Grade In Class:B

Date: 2021-12-08

Comments:1301 - I have never been more frustrated with a professor ever. She is LESS than not helpful, she is RUDE to students who don't understand, and does not care about her students. The examples on the homework are the same examples used in class, and then she puts random examples you have never seen before on exams. Overall, I would recommend this class, as long as it is with a different professor.  - Grade In Class:C+

Date: 2021-12-08

Comments:1308 - Easily one of the worst teachers I have ever had. DO NOT TAKE HER. Avoid at all costs. She is extremely unhelpful and is rude and disrespectful to students who are struggling.  - Grade In Class:C

Date: 2021-11-18

Comments:1308 - Probably one of the worst teachers I have ever had. Class average for first few tests was 50, and many people I knew said they were lucky if they got above a 30%. If you take this be ready to jump off the Alico building. She does not have SI either and homework reviews do not reflect the tests at all. DO NOT TAKE HER.  - Grade In Class:DROP

Date: 2021-11-17

Comments:1308 - Nikki does not teach much of anything. Her homework does not reflect the tests and everyone in the class is constantly confused. The averages for the first 3 tests were below a 55 with zero curves. She is unhelpful when you go to visit her to discuss your grade. Do NOT take her, you're grade will suffer  - Grade In Class:C+

Date: 2021-11-16

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